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About IAN productions

A team of specialists who are pooling their wide range of expertise and knowledge in order to create a brillant and unparalleled sound experience music lovers have always dreamt of.

With uncompromising application and consistent use of the latest immersive production methods we succeed in capturing the genuine and immediate power of music.

The distinct feature of IAN’s production philosophy is that it wants to provide direct access to intense and deep emotions while listening to music – thus making you feel as if you were there in the same room with the musicians, sharing the deep pleasure in music, sense and sensuality, passion and sensitivity. 

The boundaries between music and production disappear.

Latest news from IAN productions

New productions by 2L & IAN including Dolby Atmos announced

After Immersive Audio Network released an almost perfectly reviewed album by Alessandro Quarta the production company got to work on their next project. This album is by the prolific Sammy
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