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Recordings of music with the Berliner Philharmoniker have been available for over 100 years. With the Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings label, the orchestra has full control over its recording output for the first time. The focus is on large cycles of orchestral music, such as the symphonies of Beethoven, Schumann and Sibelius, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, or a comprehensive edition of Schubert’s oeuvre with Nikolaus Harnoncourt. The label also presents individual concerts of significance, including Claudio Abbado’s last concert with the Berliner Philharmoniker, and – on DVD and Blu-ray – Bach’s Passions in staged productions by Peter Sellars.

A particular feature of the label is to go far beyond what standard recordings offer. In addition to the audio recordings, there is usually a Blu-ray with associated video recording and multiple bonus videos. Plus, the recordings can be listened to on CD or as high-resolution audio format for perfect Hi-fi enjoyment. For vinyl fans, LP versions are also available. No less luxurious is the design of the presentation case and its extra features. Each recording is released in an exclusive, beautifully designed hardback edition with an extensive booklet. The aim of this approach is to provide a comprehensive music experience. Top quality releases that are not only a joy to listen to, but are also beautiful to behold.

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