Jui-Sheng Li - Recollection
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In his solo debut album, pianist Jui-Sheng Li takes us on an intimate journey through his very personal musical memories. The diverse programme combines pieces from different cultural backgrounds and places rarely performed works alongside well-known classics.

Immerse yourself in the artist’s personal story in which he transcends barriers of culture, language and national identity through the transformative power of music. The album is released on Pure Audio Blu-ray in the immersive sound formats Dolby Atmos and AURO-3D and includes a 28-page booklet in German, English and Chinese.

Recollection opens with Robert Schumann’s Allegro in B minor, Op. 8 followed by Alexander Scriabin’s 24 Préludes, Op. 11. The second part features Karon Rathaus’ transcription of two pieces from his ballet “Der letzte Pierrot”. At the very end Jui-Sheng Li presents Two Old Postcards from Formosa by Taiwanese composer Ming-Hsiu Yen.

The New York Concert Review praised Jui-Sheng Li as a “musician of integrity and depth […] One looks forward to hearing more from this young artist.” Jui-Sheng’s artistic individuality is shaped by his studies in Taiwan, Canada, and the United States as well as his appearances at music festivals across the globe. In recent years, Jui-Sheng has been creatively programming concerts combining traditional repertoire with lesser-performed yet classical compositions.

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LABEL: Immersive Sound Art
Solo Instrumental, Classical
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28-page booklet (German, English and Chinese)