ALESSANDRO QUARTA - Plays Astor Piazzolla
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Magic in the moment. Highest precision sound. Emotion in its purest form.

2.0 PCM Stereo 24bit / 96kHz
5.1 DTS-HD MA 24bit / 96kHz
9.1 Auro-3D 24bit / 96kHz
Dolby Atmos

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Magic in the moment. Highest precision sound. Emotion in its purest form.

The Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla is considered the founder of Tango Nuevo. He was the first to combine the elements of tango with those of classical music and achieve world fame with his awardwinning work.
With his inexhaustible curiosity for discoveries of unknown sounds, the southern Italian violinist Alessandro Quarta captivates his audience. His virtuoso playing is extraordinary – and yet Alessandro Quarta never puts himself in the foreground. Quarta lives and breathes music, thus casting his spell over his audience.

Immersion – the submersion into another world – is the passion that drives the team of IAN Productions. The three visionary founding members Stefan Zaradic, Tobias Wendl, and Stefan Bock are the brains behind it: Deep musical understanding and the utilization of groundbreaking audio technology enables them to record sound events in all three dimensions. The unique sound experience of Alessandro Quarta – Plays Astor Piazzolla doesn‘t lose its intensity on repeat listening: The Deluxe Box containing a CD and a Pure Audio Blu-ray in every future-oriented audio format available, will electrify every listener.

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Other, Jazz, World Music
+ CD-Audio
24bit / 96kHz
mShuttle: 3D Binaural, FLAC, MQA

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