Benedek Horvath - Bach Goldberg Variations, The Fourth Voice
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Dolby Atmos 24bit/ 48kHz

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It is said that Count Keyserling was sickly by nature and therefore suffered from sleepless nights. Music helped him find comfort, so he asked Bach to compose new pieces for his private harpsichordist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, a pupil of Bach’s eldest son. The count wanted something edifying from Bach to distract his thoughts and cheer up his sleepless nights. Bach fulfilled the count’s wish by composing 32 variations. Goldberg then spent his nights in an antechamber playing his harpsichord to comfort the sleepless count. Almost 300 years later, the Goldberg Variations are still the melodies that give us comfort on our sleepless nights.

The immersive mixes in AURO-3D and Dolby Atmos immerse the listener in a world of sound detail and nuance.

The album also includes the short film “The Fourth Voice” by Benedek Horvath, inspired by the music of the Goldberg Variations. “It is a very personal reminder for me and a call to live mindfully and appreciate all the little things and seemingly insignificant details in our lives. I hope that with this record I can bring a bit of security and confidence into the souls of the listeners.”

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Classical, Solo Instrumental
+ CD-Audio
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Short film: The Fourth Voice (22:56), 24-page brochure