Silent Work – Sonic Leaks
Product Type:Pure Audio Blu-ray

The 11.1 AURO-3D mix is also compatible with 5.1/7.1 downwards

2.0 LPCM Stereo 24bit/ 48kHz
11.1 AURO-3D 24Bit / 48kHz (5.1/7.1 compatible)
9.1.6 Dolby Atmos 48kHz

This refers to the Pure Audio Blu-ray audio channels only


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The Swiss duo Silent Work, consisting of Olaf Strassen and Lasse Nipkow, present their first Blu-ray album. With the compositions for “Sonic Leaks”, they have focused on the creative use of immersive space, using Dolby Atmos and AURO-3D formats. These mixes allow for a unique musical experience.

Musically, the album includes styles from deep house to pop and electro, EDM, but also quieter, atmospheric songs. Refined with wonderful voices, the use of AI and sample-based engines, the tracks are set in scene and accompanied accordingly. Anna Smith, an outstanding and successful Swiss singer, sings three songs on the album and enchants with her delicate timbre.

The production is based on a number of technical innovations and 3D audio specific software tools that are responsible for the exceptional sound of the album. This runs through from the miking for the vocal recordings with a 5-channel setup consisting of large-diaphragm microphones, to the use of upmix processors and the impulse response-based reverb processor “Roomenizer”.

The album was fine-tuned by award-winning sound engineers Stefan Bock and David Merkl from MSM Studios, as well as Grammy-nominated producer and managing director of New Audio Technology Tom Ammermann.

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LABEL: Silent Work
Electronica, Pop