American Aggregate
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American Aggregate, the follow up to Inscape’s GRAMMY® nominated debut album Sprung Rhythm on the Sono Luminus label, explores the rich and varied sounds of American music in the 21st century. From the mechanized world of our cities to the natural beauty of our landscapes, from the sounds of jazz and rock to indigenous folk music, the picture of contemporary classical music is revealing and diverse.
The works contained on this album reflect American culture, landscape, and environment as expressed through the distinctly American voices of seven young composers.
The album opens with Nathan Lincoln-DeCuasitis’ Oblivion, a chamber symphony in three movements in which each movement is modeled on a specific sonic shape. Armando Bayolo’s Wide Open Spaces was composed to address the concerns surrounding the impact of climate change. Dan Visconti’s Black Bend begins with a spacious collage of distant, mournful sounds with the flavor of limpid summer landscape and the slow drawl of rural vernacular. From this texture a slow blues emerges and accelerates in a wailing frenzy, only to dissolve into nothingness as quickly as it materialized.
Julia Adolphe brings the ensemble Wordless Creatures, a work that imagines a community of small, scurrying characters moving through a series of scenes portrayed through shifting soundscapes. The Extraordinary Gryssandra Wycke by Joseph Hallman is the story of a young witch who is new to her powers and the world of witchcraft. The piece is composed as a tone poem that reflects the spells she learns and employs. Stephen Gorbos’ What I Decided to Keep propels the CD forward with the influences of funk and progressive rock, drawing inspiration from Béla Bartók’s 5th string quartet in its linear succession of events. Included on the Blu-ray disc and for digital download, Gregory Spears’ new arrangement of The Bear and the Dove was commissioned to accompany Christopher Williams’ choreographic staging of Prokofiev’s ballet Trapeze at the Bard Spiegeltent.

Sono Luminus
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