Die Fantastischen Vier
Für Immer 30 Jahre Live
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Für Immer 30 Jahre Live!

“What’s left of a quarter-century of rap?”

This is the question Thomas D, And.Ypsilon, Michi Beck and Smudo ask themselves on the ninth album “Rekord” of a band whose presence we take so much for granted today that you first have to realize the scope of this now 33-year anniversary.

Founded in 1987 as The Terminal Team, renamed Die Fantastischen Vier in the year of “Looking For Freedom” (here) and “3 Feet High And Rising” (there), this band with millions of records sold, countless awards and platinum awards and sold-out halls is one of the very big pop stories and at the same time Germany’s longest serving rap act.

At the same time as the sales start of their anniversary tour, the exhibition “Troy – 30 Years Die Fantastischen Vier” was opened in Stuttgart. In September 2019, the documentary ” Wer Vier sind ” was released in cinemas. A very honest and self-critical work that shows not only how to manage to exist successfully as a band for 30 years, but also what difficulties it brings and what is at the core of these four friendships.

30 years of Die Fantastischen Vier culminates in the “Für immer 30 Jahre Live Tour” – a gigantic stadium tour and thus the biggest the four have ever played.

In 2022, after 2 years of Corona-related delay, the time had come: over 250,000 enthusiastic fans witnessed the biggest tour in the history of the Fantastischen Vier so far!

In Cologne’s RheinEnergie Stadium, more than 33,000 fans celebrated a big open air party with “their Fantas” in summery hot temperatures!

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