Booka Shade
Dear Future Self
Product Type:Pure Audio Blu-ray
2.0 LPCM 24bit / 48kHz
Headphone 3-D (Binaural) 24Bit / 48kHz
Dolby Atmos

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Berlin-based Booka Shade have been among the pioneers and leading figures of emotionally melodic house and techno for 25 years. Following their 2018 long player Cut The Strings, the legendary duo unveiled their latest work in April 2020: The ninth album Dear Future Self, written and produced on its global tours from New Zealand to Berlin, with artist collabos from Iceland, South Africa, England and Germany.

“This is our most club oriented work to date, many of the songs have been tested live around the globe over the last 18 months. From beautiful sunsets on the beach to factory floors, from big festivals to small clubs, only the truly essential tracks made it onto the album,” says Booka Shade.

Booka Shade have not only remained leaders in their musical field, but have also remained at the forefront of technological developments throughout the industry. A perfect example of this is their ongoing relationship with Dolby and Dolby Atmos, a collaboration that began in 2017 when the duo reproduced their album Galvany Street in Dolby Atmos 3D Audio on Blu-ray for a special edition. Now, Dear Future Self, the brand new album, is also available in Dolby Atmos. The project was mixed by Fritz Hilpert, who was nominated in the Best Surround Mix category at the 2017 Grammys for Kraftwerk‘s album 3-D Der Katalog, and showcased for the first time Dolby‘s groundbreaking developments in sound design for the Booka Shade project. Dear Future Self is a work that showcases the duo‘s ever-evolving and ever-refining range, continuing their status as one of electronic music‘s most celebrated acts.