Prince & The New Power Generation – Diamonds And Pearls (Blu-ray Audio)
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Diamonds And Pearls” is Prince‘s best-selling album after “Purple Rain” and it was also the first with his new backing band The New Power Generation. How much the chemistry between the musicians was right can be seen not only in the glowing reviews but also in the numbers: The album, released in 1991, produced six international singles – including the hits “Gett Off”, “Cream” and the iconic title track “Diamonds And Pearls”.

The classic album will be heard in a new Dolby Atmos mix and will be released on Blu-ray Audio. This is the first time a Prince studio album has been mixed in Dolby Atmos. With the new mastering on Blu-ray, one can look forward to an all-round renewed listening experience of this unique musician, songwriter, producer and performer, who wrote and recorded at such a rapid pace in the early 1990s that his next album was practically ready by the time the “Diamonds And Pearls” tour began in Tokyo in April 1992.

1. Thunder
2. Daddy Pop
3. Diamonds And Pearls
4. Cream
5. Strollin’
6. Willing And Able
7. Gett Off
8. Walk Don’t Walk
9. Jughead
10. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
11. Push
12. Insatiable
13. Live 4 Love

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