Herbert von Karajan
Beethoven: 9 Symphonies
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Famously passionate about the developments in audio media, Karajan embraced every opportunity to present his recordings at the highest possible fidelity and no doubt would have insisted that his catalogue would be remastered to exploit the most cutting-edge technologies.

In this spirit, Deutsche Grammophon, who have always been one of the great pioneers of sound recording, present the very first DOLBY ATMOS recording on the label and perhaps the first ever classical ATMOS – Karajan’s Grammy awardwinning Beethoven Cycle of the 1970s. Well worth taking a moment here. For those who don’t know, Dolby Atmos expands on 5.1 Surround Sound and produces the most extraordinary realism ever heard outside of a ‘live’ performance.

This new ‘chapter’ in the label’s history significantly comes as we celebrate its 120-year legacy.

Deutsche Grammophon
Classical, Symphonic
+ 2 Pure Audio Blu-ray
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Digipack with 40pp booklet in English and German presenting the original liner notes from Richard Osborne, Franz Endler and Stefan Kunze and many rare pictures of the Berliner Philharmoniker.
Two rare interviews with Herbert von Karajan from the original 1970s vinyl box with Joachim Kaiser and Richard Osborne included.