Fryd by Cantus now available on Pure Audio Recordings and “The Beauty that still Remains” album announced

Female choir Cantus, conducted by Tove Ramlo-Ystad, is known for its distinctive sound, that has the character of simple, natural voices which are allowed to sound freely, but at the same time maintains homogeneity and personality. Cantus always strives to be innovative, and often combines different music traditions in search of new and exciting expressions. 

Fryd is the Norwegian word for joy and with it Cantus invites you on a musical journey that starts in the meeting of two significant female figures: Mother and Mary. It is a tribute to the Norwegian mothers who each year conjures up Christmas for the children through all kinds of Christmas preparations. “At the same time it is a celebration of the Christian maternal figure, Mary, who gave God’s son to humanity. It is a meeting between the child in the manger, the new king, and the excited children longing for a Christmas filled with experiences and joy. In this way, these simple names – mother and Mary – embrace the message of Christmas and the exquisite joy we all know so well”. A second glance at the cover reveals the abstractly painted mother and child. The album is built up of enjoyable arrangements by Norwegian composers and the music was recorded in the Lademoen church in Trondheim that boasts wonderful acoustics.

In 2013 Cantus contributed in Disney’s movie Frozen, and again in the sequel Frozen 2 in 2019. With Spes released in 2015 (Best Surround Sound Album 58th GRAMMY Nominee), Fryd is the choir’s second album released in collaboration with 2L.

The album is available in immersive audio creating a wide and dynamic range for the listener. With Dolby Atmos and Auro 3-D one truly experiences a 3D affect from this high definition album. The Pure Audio Blu-ray has some wonderful depths that aren´t available on other formats. 

Coming soon!

The Norwegian Girls Choir and Anne Carlin Sundar-Ask to release The Beauty that still Remains. The Norwegian Girls Choir is an independent continuation of The Norwegian Broadcasting Company’s Girls Choir, which was established in 1947. The singers are all from the Oslo area. The album was inspired by Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. The ideas of inclusion and exclusion are of subject. Especially the pilgrims from earlier times and the current asylum seekers we have in our current day. It was recorded in the Uranienborg Church, Norway. The album will be available in immersive audio on the Pure Audio Blu-ray format.

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