Trio Mediaeval - Solacium
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Trio Mediæval’s collection of hymns and lullabies – intimate songs as old as time and as new as the future: this is music without borders, celebrating our common humanity. We will never know the first song or the first singer, and we will never know what they sang about. But if time could be turned back and we could hear it, we might witness a mother or father singing the first lullaby. When we sing a hymn or a lullaby, we become a link in a chain that began in the uncertain past and extends into the infinite future: a timeless continuum of comfort and consolation.

The new lullabies by Anders Jormin and Sinikka Langeland originated in their minds as little musical gifts for real children, and are sung here for us all by three singers who have sung many a lullaby to their own children, assisted by Trygve Seim and Mats Eilertsen, who are both fathers.

Trio Mediæval has been praised as a “fascinating journey with music of timeless beauty.” The highly acclaimed first album Words of the Angel from 2001 led the group into the elite circles of early music ensembles and made them known to a broad international audience. Founded in 1997, the Grammy-nominated vocal ensemble features founding members Linn Andrea Fuglseth and Anna Maria Friman, and Jorunn Lovise Husan, who joined the group in 2018. The trio Mediæval has already recorded eight albums for ECM Records. Solacium is their first release on the Norwegian label 2L.

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Classical, Early music
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