Mister Moto – The J.B. Experience
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The album of Mister Moto produced by Arne Neurand (among others Revolverheld, Guano Apes) is now released as studio and home edition. This marks the first time the powerful rock album has been released on CD and Blu-ray Audio. The Pure Audio Blu-ray of this edition includes the new immersive mix in Dolby Atmos and Auro 3-D in addition to a stereo track. All packaged in a high quality digi-pack limited to 5,000 copies.

Mister Moto has always sounded big. The songs have an electrifying energy and epic ambition reminiscent of great stadium rock like Muse, Guns N’Roses or Bon Jovi. Made for an immersive sound format like Dolby Atmos or Auro 3-D, which push to fill the whole room and carry the listeners along!

The album “The J.B. Experience” was remixed at MSM Studios in Munich, making the already diverse record even more dynamic. The soulful ballads get under your skin, the powerful rock numbers push forward and electronic elements provide that certain something. A fat guitar sound characterizes the basic mood of the album, in addition there are driving beats as you rarely hear them, and this concise voice of the singer and band founder, the German-Canadian Tomson, impresses. The result is an album whose melodies and anthems are captivating from the first to the last track and stay in your head.

In addition to the immersive mixes, the Blu-ray also includes a new stereo track. Using the m-shuttle function, the album can be transferred to the computer as a wave or binaural file to enjoy all the songs in stereo or 3-D on your mobile friends.

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Alternative, Rock
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24bit / 48kHz
mShuttle: 3D Binaural, FLAC, MP3