LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Mendelssohn: Symphonies Nos 1 – 5, Overtures, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
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Discover Sir John Eliot Gardiner and the London Symphony Orchestra’s award-winning journey through the music of Mendelssohn.

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LSO Live presents Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s award-winning Mendelssohn series together in its entirety for the fi rst time. Captured over three seasons during critically acclaimed
concerts in the Barbican Hall, this box set off ers listeners the defi nitive account of Gardiner’s unique take on Mendelssohn with the London Symphony Orchestra:
a blend between the conductor’s wide-ranging expertise and the Orchestra’s signature sound.

This box set includes celebrated interpretations of the complete Mendelssohn symphonies, as well as three of the composer’s most popular overtures and Gardiner’s landmark version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, all in ultra high-defi nition stereo and multi-channel audio across four Hybrid SACDs and one Pure Audio Blu-ray. Refl ecting on this exploration of the great German composer with the LSO, Gardiner said: ‘My admiration for Mendelssohn has gone up enormously as a result of this project… It’s so rewarding working with this group of players; they’re willing to go to the last nth degree, in terms of phrasing and articulation, and that’s a joy.’

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