Franco Mussida - The Planet of Music and the Journey of Iòtu
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Franco Mussida’s band Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) was the first rock band of Italy that had success also on the international stage. Over the years, the band tried out various styles from folk to rock and is still active today. Mussida then left the band in 2015 to focus on other projects. Among other things, he is the president and founder of CPM, a school of contemporary popular music.

Mussida’s new album “The Planet of Music and the Journey of Iòtu” is a musical odyssey that takes the listener on a journey through an imaginary world. The story follows Iòtu, a curious traveler who encounters a series of fascinating characters, each representing a different musical instrument.

“This work was born from two strong impulses. The desire to tell those who love to listen to music a little more about the values and powers of this extraordinary magic that has seduced and captivated me since childhood. Secondly, I want to return to sound, harmony and melody, with a vocabulary that I believe reflects my age and the experience of my generation’s love for music,” Mussida says about the work, in which voice and guitar act as the backbone.

Mussida reinvented both instruments for himself and worked with a “narrative voice”. The sound of the guitar also had to be special: “For the guitar, I was looking for a sound that would give me a thrill I had never experienced before. I was looking for a new source of sound. A natural source, without choosing one of the thousands that digital technology today knows how to produce, create and offer to everyone.” Mussida finally finds a good friend who modifies a guitar according to Mussida’s wishes. The voice and guitar are accompanied by keyboard, bass and percussion.

An immersive experience that a “simple” frontal sound source cannot achieve. The music on “The Planet of Music” is very deep and tries to put the listener in a narrative dimension. One of the things that was taken into account in the mix of the Dolby Atmos version was that acoustic audio sources were recorded in their natural environment. The goal was to expand the spatial perception of the listener, to take him by the hand, so to speak, and lead him into the new world of immersive sound.

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LABEL: Moondays
Pop, World Music

Video clips in Dolby Atmos: “The Gold Of Sound” and “Me We The Music
10-minute Making Of (Full HD) of the production
24-page color booklet with lyrics in English and Italian