Big Big Train - The Likes of Us
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Award-winning progressive rock band Big Big Train release their 15th studio album – and the first full album with new frontman Alberto Bravin (ex-PFM).

The eagerly awaited release of “The Likes Of Us” follows Big Big Train’s hugely successful European tour, which saw them play 17 concerts in nine countries and ended with two triumphant performances at London’s Cadogan Hall.

The album is a stunning piece of work that contains all the elements that make the band so special, including captivating and memorable arrangements and first-class music.

Definitions aside, Big Big Train are a big fish in their pond of choice. With their 2021 album “Common Ground”, the group succeeded in returning prog rock to the UK Top 40 charts. “Big Big Train are first and foremost a rock band, but we are also a prog band,” explains bassist and co-founder Gregory Spawton. “We are very aware of the traditions we follow; we have never denied them and never will. The fact that we’re bringing classic-sounding prog back into the charts is absolutely fantastic.”

Two songs from “The Likes Of Us” – “Oblivion” and “Love Is The Light” – were presented on the group’s most recent tour and were enthusiastically received by the audience. During a tidal wave of rebirth and celebration, Bravin was accepted as part of the family. In fact, the band’s ever-evolving chemistry has led to fantastic results. “We have a great mix of people who want to be here and go the extra mile to make something really special,” says drummer Nick D’Virgilio. “There’s a huge world of talented musicians out there, and luckily some of them want to hang out with us.”

‘The Likes Of Us’ is available as a limited edition CD + Blu-ray Mediabook set, featuring impressive Dolby Atmos & 5.1 Surround Sound mixes by Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief as well as High-Resolution Stereo formats.

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