Will Immersive audio change how we listen to music?

Will immersive audio change how we listen to music? Pretty much everywhere you look media is getting more and more immersive. With technology in the VR(virtual reality) space improving every year the audiophile is left to ask how music will improve. We often see developments in the streaming space. The many different streaming services that exists today often focus on bigger reach; more consumers with better applications. Their algorithms drive the consumer to find new music whether songs; artists or albums. These features have kept clients streaming and interested. 

Demand for better quality and a new experience

This year we have seen major labels take a shift in the music format space. As streaming services have seemly cornered a market we are still left with the fans of a band; audiophiles; classical and jazz enthusiasts who want more. They want better quality and a better experience with their music. These major labels have decided to remaster thousands of tracks already released but this time in immersive audio

What exactly is immersive audio?

Immersive audio or 3D sound takes surround sound a step further. Immersive formats like Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X extend the sound field into three dimensions by adding ceiling speakers to create a dimension of height. This gives a more real sound to cinema and now music playback. This allows the classical album to sound as if it was in a musical hall where most immersive classical albums are recorded. It can make a live pop or rock track sound as if the listener was at the concert and further lets each tone and instrument come out clearer than before. Especially when one considers that the sound is in a much higher quality than a CD. These formats are almost always in high definition audio. There is already a Grammy category just for immersive music. Time will tell if immersive music will take the world by storm

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