Herbert Grönemeyer’s “Mensch” in Dolby Atmos available again

It is finally here! Herbert Grönemeyer’s milestone and Germany’s best-selling album of all time hits the shelves in Dolby Atmos as Pure Audio Blu-ray. After a first very limited prerelease in May due to the pandemic, we are happy to finally offer Grönemeyer’s No. 1 album without any restrictions.

You haven't experienced Herbert Grönemeyer's hit album like this yet:
You don't just hear the Dolby Atmos mix, you really feel it!

The title-giving opener and number 1 hit “Mensch” sounds airier, more open and – yes, as the chorus says – more light-hearted.
The guitar riffs echo from all sides.
In “Neuland” the brass sounds towards the end of the piece right into the last corner. The amplifier effects at the beginning of “Unbewohnt” roar from all directions and set the mood impressively.
And the strings provide for absolute goosebumps. The 3D mix of “Der Weg” for example is very restrained until the strings suddenly fill the whole room and carry the listener away like a force of emotion. The strings are rather complementary but no less poignant in “Blick zurück” and the penultimate track “Zum Meer”.
Here, however, the whole production is more complex – the deep piano tones, the synth and distortion effects create tension in the sound space as in the film.

Mensch was already released in 2002 on Super Audio CD (SA-CD for short), the highest quality and most modern reproduction possibility at the time. The Super Audio Mix by Mensch was designed for 5.1 and the new Dolby Atmos version is based on this.

Foto: Antoine Melis

Also included is the concert video “Mensch – Live” from the Arena AufSchalke, also remixed in Dolby Atmos.

Live albums have been irritating music lovers for decades because of their questionable quality. The attempt to capture and conserve the unique energy of a live atmosphere is just impossible in 2.0 stereo.

Thanks to Surround and Dolby Atmos, live recording is finally being legitimized as a form of production in itself.

“Mensch – Live” is an incredibly immersive and gives you the feeling of standing in the middle of the audience. The carpet of applause after “Bochum” is epic and the jumping, jeering and singing along to “Männer” or “Alkohol” is thrilling – stadium feeling for the living room.

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