What goes into recording an immersive audio album? We ask Stefan Zaradic

We spoke with Stefan Zaradic, composer and immersive audio producer from MSM Studios in Munich, Germany. We wanted to know what goes into recording an immersive audio album?

To start things off we got to know a bit about his background. He was born in Vienna where he learnt to compose and play piano. He later became a keyboard player in the then internationally successful formation “Supermax”

This resulted in further musical collaborations in countless studios and live productions, among others with Michael Brecker, Chick Corea, Freddy Hubbard, Peter Erskine, Ingrid Jensen, Chor der Sixtinischen Kappele, Al Di Meola, Alessandro Quarta and many more. Furthermore there was still the time to pursue his own musical projects like Makanda “Inner Secrets”, Wheelz “Around the World”, Jazzmachine “Radio” & “Moongroove”, No Gravity, Pilots Friends, Surround the Earth, Bavarian Moods, Tetragon-Project, and many more. 

"Also the medium film was always of highest interest for me - so I worked on numerous film compositions, sound designs and mixes. To sum up: It has always fascinated me to create emotional worlds with sound and to be part of this process"

On music in immersive audio and what makes it so interesting

We ask Stefan about what he thinks about music with immersive sound capabilites to which he replied:

“All music has always contained the immersive experience in itself. Since the Stone Age or the Big Bang. So when we address these abilities. They are undoubtedly elemental.”

What attention to detail goes into making an immersive mix? 

“The whole room is now available to us as a large canvas on which we can paint. Space means freedom on the one hand and demands a higher responsibility on the creator. Events can be heard more clearly, in this respect also more sensitively in the great interplay. In my opinion, the spatial statics of the signals is an elementary factor of a good immersive mixture. This requires a clear imagination which emotional image I want to create and make accessible to the listener”

" In the pop/rock/electronics area I think there will be very exciting developments how artists and producers will use the space and play with it. This journey is just beginning."

We are always facinated by the quality of Pure Audio Blu-rays and how they are recorded. It is refreshing to hear a producer use their creative wand with immersive music too. We must ask, as a producer, what is your favorite genre of music in immersive audio?

“The music that makes me forget space and time and affects my body and soul.”

And do you see a market for all genres of music in immersive audio?

 “To answer a little bit sarcastically: Unfortunately yes”

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What can you tell us about Pure Audio Blu-ray and why is it such a great format?

“It’s a format developed by a notoriously driven uncompromising audio world, improver named Stefan Bock. The most important thing: It works! That’s of course not the only reason it’s a great development. A wonderful lossless, comprehensive, rich transport vehicle from artist to consumer. I hardly know anything comparable in other areas as well. Maximum quality, freedom of format selection, which format I hear when, where and in which situation.”

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