Iceland Symphony Orchestra
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Occurrence” is the third and, for the time being at least, final installment in a highly insightful series exploring works by contemporary Icelandic composers performed by the 70-year-old Icelandic National Orchestra. For myself – and certainly for many others – this series is a milestone that every conscientious collector of symphonic music simply must have on the shelf. Now on three CDs, Sono Luminus has cleverly capitalized on the growing worldwide interest in the music of Daníel Bjarnason and Anna Thorvaldsdottir, using their works as a vehicle to introduce seven other composers with original, substantial voices.

Three of the composers represented on Occurrence return from previous editions of the series. In addition to Bjarnason – who also serves as a sensitive and sympathetic conductor – we hear new works by Þuríður Jónsdóttir, whose Flow and Fusion opened the first CD, Recurrence, and by Haukur Tómasson, whose Piano Concerto No. 2 was a highlight of the series’ second release, Concurrence.

These iterations prove fortuitous, revealing new facets of these now-familiar creators. One of them, Bjarnason’s Violin Concerto, hardly needs introduction, as it has already proven its merits and appeal on concert stages around the globe since its 2017 world premiere at the Hollywood Bowl. Pekka Kuusisto, the violinist for whom the piece was written, demonstrates consummate skill as a virtuoso, collaborator and – not least – whistler, and the orchestral accompaniment is – no surprise – lively and attentive. ” Translated with (free version)

Sono Luminus
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