10 000 Hz Legend (20th Anniversary Edition)
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2.0 High Resolution Stereo
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AIR celebrates the 20th anniversary of 10 000 Hz Legend with a new special 2CD/BR edition

In 2001, the French touch duo and pioneer of electronic music AIR released its second album 10 000 Hz Legend. The record, which sold a million copies worldwide upon its initial release, is a far-reaching love letter to the history of technology and music. 20 years later, it still sounds fresh and new.

This 20th Anniversary 2CD plus Blu-ray set edition in digisleeve contains previously unreleased material and for the first time a Dolby Atmos mix of the original album on Blu Ray. A breathtaking experience! A work of art created with the help of Bruce Keen, the album’s original sound engineer. The Blu-ray also includes a 5.1 mix and a PCM stereo mix.

Besides this Dolby Atmos mix on Blu-Ray, the Deluxe Edition includes the original album (CD1) + the rarity ” The Way You Look Tonight “, which was only available on the Japanese version of the album and on the 2002 Everybody Hertz mini album. CD2 contains three live versions from a 2001 KCRW session (L.A. radio station), “People in the City (Live at the Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, 2001)” and four previously unreleased demo versions.

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