Classical and Choral Music in Norway

Classical and choral music in Norway has a long and rich history. It was in the 1600s when classical music in Bergen; Trondheim and Oslo had their own respective city musicians. Later on, in the 18th century, chamber music started to grow in popularity. The genre grew steadily in these cities at this time. They slowly became more accessible even to those not from affluent communities. Choral music on the other hand evidentially came about around the 12th century in Norway. Both these genres have a rich history in the Scandinavian country.

Where choral music was originally taught and performed in the Church or religious schools and programs. It later on took to other themes in the 17th century.  It was later in the 19th century where choral music had its hottest climate. The popularity of choir music spread over Norway. Its unique style later made its way to the shores of North America. In the late 1800s choral music became more competitive and competitions were held for choirs. In this same time period the Choral Society held student participations in Paris. Today Norway boasts many accomplished choirs. These choirs have many different inspirations and aspirations. Some of them are session musicians. Others even sing on movie soundtracks for big Hollywood films.   

Reproduction of Classical and Choral Music Today

Today there are interesting ways to reproduce music. The great reproductions for home listening are those which use 3D microphoned recording sessions. Especially those which were done in chamber halls or churches. 3D microphoned recordings sessions provide great sound clarity. This furthers the depth for the listener. Furthermore these recordings allow a music producer and mixer to create surround sound tracks. These surround sound albums are a new way to experience classical and choral music. The idea was to recreate an orchestra or choir in ones home. This is the pinnacle of sound quality and recreation that may take the world by storm. One of the best formats for this high fidelity music is Pure Audio Blu-ray. Of which this very website has its own store.

3D microphone set up

Photos by Morten Lindberg

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