THE WHO – Tommy






  •  DTS HD and PCM in 2.0 and 5.1

Orginally recorded in: 24bit/96kHz Audio

UPC: 006025 3747398 4

In May 1969, The Who were at a career crossroads.  They were known mainly as a singles band, but the release of Tommy launched them as a serious ‘albums band’ and has now sold over 20 million copies while regularly turning up on lists of the most influential albums of all time.

Coming after The Who Sell Out in 1967, it marked a complete change in style with Pete Townshend’s lengthy conceptual narrative bringing exciting new opportunities to rock music. Tommy was and remains an ambitious, complex and controversial work, which was initially banned by the BBC.

2013 Blu-ray Edition produced by Pete Townshend.
5.1 tracks mixed by Bob Pridden and Richard Whittaker at FX London.

Release Date: 15.09.2013

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