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Thrive on Routine Jane Ira Bloom - Early Americans Barley Moon Crossing Over Serious Business Scrapyard Exotica From Whence We Came Touch In The Light Of Air Debussy: Starry Night plays Terry Riley The Return Permutations Schumann American Aggregate Sculthorpe The Year Before Yesterday ZOFORBIT Poems And Prayers The Complete Sonatas For Two Violins Beau Soir-Peludes Book II And Other Works Io Vidi in Terra Toccatas Surrounded By Angels Entendre Sprung Rhythm Nine Notes That Shook The World Mosh Pit American Anthem: The Music of Samuel Barber & Howard Hanson Zelenka: The Capriccios Weill-Ibert-Berg Brubeck And American Poets La Dirindina and Pur nel sonno Americana Rūpa-khandha



Simon Rattle Conducts The Sibelius Symphonies Berliner Philharmoniker The Sibelius Symphonies

plays Terry Riley ZOFO Plays Terry Riley

Secondo Natura TARTINI Secondo Natura

Crossing Over SKYLARK Crossing Over

Paramount OZARK HENRY Paramount


  • 16.12.15
    LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - "Presto" Disc of the year winner
  • 15.12.15
    2L - Three Grammy nominations this year
  • 03.03.15
    LICHTMOND - LICHTMOND 3 "Days of Eternity" received GOLD