MOZART / VERDI – Requiem Experience


Requiem Experience


MOZART / VERDI Requiem Experience

  • 5.1 surround sound
  • 24-bit stereo

+ 2CD in hi-fi stereo. Orginally recorded in: 24/192kHz

UPC: 888430104990

A unique musical and audio experience for Home Cinema Systems and all Hi-Fi Stereo Systems.

Total immersion in the two greatest requiems in the whole history of music in multichannel sound.

Release Date: 22.11.2013

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Simon Rattle Conducts The Sibelius Symphonies Berliner Philharmoniker The Sibelius Symphonies

plays Terry Riley ZOFO Plays Terry Riley

Secondo Natura TARTINI Secondo Natura

Crossing Over SKYLARK Crossing Over

Paramount OZARK HENRY Paramount


  • 16.12.15
    LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - "Presto" Disc of the year winner
  • 15.12.15
    2L - Three Grammy nominations this year
  • 03.03.15
    LICHTMOND - LICHTMOND 3 "Days of Eternity" received GOLD